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The NetComm NP206 Wireless Powerline Kit allows you to extend the Internet network in your house using the existing power lines in your walls. The Internet signal is transferred between the two pre-paired adapters – all you have to do is connect them to an available power point.


With more devices becoming Internet enabled, there is a need for connections in various rooms of the house. The NP206 provides an easy way to transfer the Internet from your modem and supplies fast and reliable Internet access to your chosen devices.


The kit includes one Powerline adapter that has an AC pass-through socket, allowing you to conveniently use the same power point for other electrical devices. This adapter features built in filtering ensuring other electrical devices do not affect the performance of the powerline network.


The second Powerline Adapter has built-in wireless N functionality, enabling you to extend the wireless network at home. Simply plug the adapter into any wall socket to create an instant wireless hotspot.


With more devices becoming Internet enabled the NP206 is the perfect solution, providing fast and reliable Internet connections in various rooms. Both adapters are very compact allowing for neat and unobtrusive placement within the home


Enhanced Quality of Service (QOS) provides guaranteed bandwidth reservations for specific multimedia IP streams.

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